Law Enforcement Appreciation Festival


Everyday across Southern California, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers leave their homes and families to protect our homes, families, and businesses.  The children of law enforcement officers watch their parents leave for work, always hoping they stay safe. We are committed to showing these kids how much the community appreciates their parents’ dedication to our safety and security.

With a spirit of gratitude, the Law Enforcement Appreciation Festival is a private day of unlimited carnival fun for more than 5,000 Southern California law enforcement officers and their families. This family day features unlimited rides, food, and prizes for law enforcement families to enjoy – all at no charge.

The Festival is made possible by the Alevy Family, Westland Real Estate Group, and a host of generous sponsors. Champions of the law enforcement community, the Alevys hope that this festival inspires similar events nationwide for years to come.

There is a thin blue line between order and chaos, between life and death, between civilization and anarchy. We believe those who serve, who hold that line, deserve our undying respect and appreciation.
— Allen Alevy


Contact Us

Law Enforcement Groups - Chaplain Sam Newman at

Press - Lana Rushing at or 310-428-1805

Sponsors – Jenny Kdoshim at


This is a free event for all Law Enforcement Families. The carnival is sponsored and paid for by The Alevy Family and generous sponsors.

Hosted by The Alevy Family